Credit Reference

Reliability and solvency analyzes are essentialfor signing an important contract, granting a deferred payment or concluding a deal. Therefore, we provide professional services for verifying the solvency and reliability of a company. We are able to collect commercial information on Italian and foreign companies.

In addition to our debt collection and collection service, our firm draws up reliability and solvency reports based on official and unofficial data.

All information on companies, professionals and companies contained in our reports is found with absolute confidentiality and discretion.

The data for the reliability and solvency analyzes are extrapolated in real time (as well as with the help of databases). We are thus able to detect the exact economic and financial situation of the moment.

Thanks to reports from official and unofficial information, it is possible to verify the real financial reliability and solidity of a company. With our report you will have important data at your disposal to evaluate your debtor. Here is some of the official and unofficial information we can provide:
  • Does the company exist? Is it active?
  • Company’s size and impact on the market?
  • What is the shareholder structure?
  • What are its assets?
  • Who is part of the company management?
  • Does the company pay and will it pay?
  • What is the reliability rating?
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